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Friday, June 6, 2008

Everything Else-

Well, here we go. I started a Blogger account largely for the experience. I was exploring the Internet and the world of connectivity. I also needed a venue from which to share my short stories. That blog went rather well, and I enjoyed the experience.

I received a very nice barbecue for my birthday. So, I thought I would share my experience of learning barbecue on the Internet.

Then I found myself writing some essays on my first love. Philosophy.

Yet, at times I have felt compelled to write on matters that are not philosophical, or related to barbecue or writing. So, here is to Everything Else.

I have maintained a journal (with varying degrees of frequency) since January of 1973. I love my journal. It is hand written up until several years ago. I have used many different types of pens and inks in maintaining the journal. It was a personal log as well as a place to exercise my thoughts. It served as a cathartic device, to allow me to work through some difficult feelings. It was at times erotic, and occasionally a monument to my own limitations.

My journal allowed me to develop my ability to write. It aided me in learning to think, and sometimes in learning to feel. It connected me with my own past.

Now I find that much of the energy and underlying needs invested in my journal have been dispursed into my Blogger blogs, as well as MySpace.

Those blogs are something new for me. They shall receive the focused attention relative to their titled purposes.

This blog is for Everything Else.

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