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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Work Camp-

The last two weeks have presented me with rain at my place of camping. The week before last I had cause to take a few days off, and missed the greater part of the rain. I did not camp that week. Last week I went early and used the warehouse at work to set up my tent. I then drove a few hundred yards and set up camp, nice and dry. I used a tarp over everything, and stayed very warm and dry that week.

In many parts of the country I could not easily camp at work. Indeed, if I weren't sleeping during the day I would not be able to camp where I do. Then again, I would not need to camp if I were working days. I do this to rest after working all night. We have very nice weather most of the year, and this parking lot camp is reasonably pleasant.

I have found ice on the tent a few mornings. I crawled inside and was quite warm in minutes. Most days I need to open my vents fully and get as much air as possible, even in the depths of winter.

Summer has not been bad. We are less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay. We get a sea breeze most afternoons, keeping the area cool.

I have been camping in a truck bed tent for the better part of the last year. So far I have found it a manageable way of living, even something that could be done full-time by a person of suitable temperament. I know I could do it for a protracted time, if traveling alone. Provided the traveler avoids extremes of weather I think it is a fine way to live.

This particular style suites the vehicle I already have, and is very low cost. It is working well for the present in allowing me to get plenty of rest while working night shifts, and avoiding risky morning commutes after staying up all night.

I have considered many other systems that could be put together at relatively low cost. I would love to test some of these, but funds are not sufficient for the present. Who knows what the future holds? I may someday get to test other ways of camping.

That might make a nice "next career." Hmmmm.

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