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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Thin Man-

Several years ago I happened upon one of The Thin Man movies on television. I enjoyed the fast paced banter between the lead characters, and the light hearted comedy that was laced through a reasonably good mystery story. Murder mystery, of course. There are few movies about misplaced socks or keys or such, which are the stuff of most of our real life mysteries.

Some time later and along comes Netflix. Movies just a few keystrokes away, coming constantly through the mail. So, building my list of movies to see I add The Thin Man movies. William Powell and Myrna Loy, drinking and bantering and solving crimes. Murder, of course. Nothing about socks or keys that I can recall.

There are six movies in the series, which began in 1934 and was completed in 1947. Solving murders is just plain fun with Nick and Nora, as played by Powell and Loy. In the context of the years in which the series was produced it is obvious that these films provided a much needed respite from difficult times. A great depression and a world war can take a lot out of a nation. Films like these were there to help get the people back on their feet.

If you find solving the mystery of your missing keys less than satisfying, let me recommend a visit with The Thin Man. Much more fun than matching socks.

1 comment:

La, Storyteller/Storysinger said...

I love, love, love the Thin Man movies!!!
They are so funny, and witty and just plain fun!
And there is a conspicuous absence of blood and gore :)
I need to go get the whole series.
But until I do, I will continue to watch the one or two that some wonderful person uploaded to youtube....gotta love youtube :P