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Friday, February 26, 2010


I recall not too long ago hearing one of the Spice Girls being interviewed about fashion. At this point in her career I suspect she would probably be Old Spice (Bada-bum!), but she till seemed young to me. She said something philosophical, something difficult for me to get my head around.

"I don't mind being uncomfortable." she said. "I love fashion."

Wow. I don't get it.

Another fashion quote I recall (from somewhere, or somewhere else) was from a male fashion designer. That is, a male who is a designer of men's fashion. He said, "A man's clothing should always hang from the shoulders."

I can get behind that one a bit more. It sounds comfortable, at least.

I am past fifty years old. Well past fifty. I am not much of a one for clothing, except to stay warm and keep from alarming people unnecessarily. I am sufficiently overweight as to have a personal rotunda, and as a consequence I am at the top end of off-the-rack clothing. Even then, I have to look hard to find clothes that fit.

Having recently received a pair of Lee jeans for Christmas, I had to do a little clothes shopping. Like, returning the optimistically sized pants for some that would fit. It took some looking and a switch to the Carhartt brand. I like their stuff. Sturdy. Moderately priced. Long wearing. Sized large enough that I can find my size (mumble mumble) pants.

I also picked up some suspenders to wear with them. My wife hates suspenders. She doesn't like how they look. I don't like a belt cutting me in the middle. I actually don't care much how I look, but I don't mind looking as good as a rhomboid might in a world of more linear creatures. The suspenders keep my pants where I want them, and don't bind my rotunda while doing it.

Anyway, my clothes now all hang from my shoulders. That fashion guy said it was a good thing. Maybe I am fashionable, after all? Probably not.

I have also discovered another comfort factor in suspender worn pants. I can sit at the computer and unbutton and unzip my pants, to relieve pressure on my abundance while doing whatever it is I do here. If I have to get up I can stand, zip and button all in a single smooth move. The suspenders keep the unfettered pants in place long enough to reestablish modesty and propriety with a minimal effort.

I apologize for the mental image. Three ounces of vodka should be enough to burn it away.

I don't mind fashion. I like being comfortable.


Pam said...

I think suspenders on men are classy. Though, not the way your describe them :)

Jerry said...

I'm always amazed, bemused, and a little befuddled why some women will seemingly go through torture to look what they consider appealing. To me, a calm, confident, lovely woman looks perfectly wonderful in comfortable clothes. Me too -- I can't quite wrap my mind around it. (Maybe we should team up and write a fashion column for women.)

I've never worn suspenders although I'm at suspender-wearing age (think 'old fogey'). You're appreciation of them gives me pause...perhaps I should consider it.

Laura said...

Michael, I have an award for you in my blog. :)

Postman said...

'S long as it's comfortable and it does what it's supposed to (i.e., keep the rain off or the heat in) I don't care a whit about how fashionable it is.

Well, maybe not. I have a weakness for smart-looking outwear. Leather jackets, long brown coats, travel vests, safari jackets, that sort of thing.

That being said, I think suspenders are one of the most underrated, unfairly demeaned fashion statements out there. Gives one a sort of classic, working-man kind of look, right?

mac said...

Suspenders are fine.

But, never wear suspenders in conjunction with a belt. I always thought something wrong with it.

Michael Lockridge said...

I would suppose that suspenders and a belt would display a significant lack of confidence. Then again, a very embarrassing wardrobe failure could compel such behavior.

The benefit of suspenders from a comfort perspective is the elimination of that binding belt. It also allows for selecting an even more generous waistband size selection, though this could easily become clownish if taken too far.

Richard said...

I love the way you think/write/make me laugh. Maybe we have a common alien ancestor. Anyway, I never read blogs (not by conscious choice; I just never understood them or was drawn to them -- until now), and I actually bookmarked your site after reading a few articles.

I found you after looking up asparagus, and landed on a page where you had made a witty remark about over-circulated, over-hyped, unproved health claims. You made me laugh and take note of your keen pen.

I could not find an email link on your site (do blogs not offer that? seems strange.. I don't really feel a need to share with everyone... I just wanted to say hello to you... can you tell that I don't really get this whole "social" media thing.) ... so I posted here (i hope it posts).