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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mobile Man Cave-

My Mother's recent serious illness and brush with death prompted myself and a significant portion of my family to travel to Medford, Oregon. Once the crisis was passed and we were beginning to move more toward a normal state we had opportunity to go to my sister Conni's house.

I noted a van out front. To be specific, a 1993 Chevy Gladiator conversion van. I made some comment about the van. I don't recall just what. Conni said she was thinking of getting rid of it. She was considering getting something that got better mileage. They no longer had the boat they used to tow with the van, and it was no longer what she needed.

My Son-in-law Dave was watching me closely. Apparently my eyes had lit up a bit. I had been talking about getting a van for quite some time. Dave has been wanting my truck, which used to be his truck before he let me have it. We took over payments, they moved away, and now they have moved  back. Dave and I smiled.

Family dynamic and family economics are complicated.

I asked how much Conni wanted for the van. She gave me a price. A very good price. Dave had some money available to buy the truck, if I ever got a van. Hmmm. This was looking like it might work.

Over the following week arrangements were made, and now I have a van. A rather nice van, in spite of the years and miles on it. Dave will get a truck, and I now have a mobile man cave. A space of my own. A portable hole to hide in.

Mom is doing well. The California part of the family has returned to California. Now having transportation of my own, I remained for a bit more family time and to help where I could. Soon I will begin my first real journey with my mobile man cave.

I do need to get home, but having a portable living space makes a slow journey seem appealing. I really do need to get home, and I do wish to see everybody back home. Still, a little time on the road has a certain appeal.

Too bad most of my camping gear is at home.


Carol said...

Awww, the open road and a mobile man cave? You may have reached male nirvana!

mac said...

It's a good thing you aren't a teenager again.

My Uncle Joe always said, "NEVER let your daughter date a guy that drives a van!"
Uncle Joe had five daughters. I think his objection is obvious.