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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Report from the Mobile Man Cave-

The trip back from Oregon went well. Fuel consumption was not so bad as I had anticipated. By the time I reached my half-way point I had only consumed a quarter tank. The half-way point is Rolling Hills Casino, which is a convenient stop. I did two dollars in several different penny slots, and drank one cup of coffee while playing and took another for the road. Essentially two dollars for two "free" cups of coffee, plus some entertainment.

Obviously gambling is not a big draw for me, though I really appreciate the facility. Clean restrooms, free coffee and soda, and a bit of fun. Perhaps someday I will stay for more fun, but this trip was an effort to get home. I did get home, quite comfortable and safe. The Mobile Man Cave provided good transportation, and a place to nap along the way.

Since getting home I have been gathering things for my Mobile Man Cave. I got some bins from Dollar Tree that fit nicely under the bed. I also gathered some items in a larger bin in the far back, loaded in my camp chair, stowed my dutch oven, propane stove and other gear, and set up the bed. I currently have one of my air mattresses laid out and covered by bedding. It is quite comfortable and a great place to nap.

I got a camp lantern that is rechargeable electric, a gift from Linda for my birthday. I also found an inverter. After shopping around I found the best price on a Duracell unit from Walgreens, at which I just happened to stop by on other errands.

Some of the family is distressed by my camp potty, a bucket with a special toilet seat top. I also have a pot for, well, I have a pot to piss in. I am not really sure why these things are distressing. I find it more distressing not to have such things when they are needed.

At present I am sitting in my Mobile Man Cave, typing on my netbook computer using a lap desk. I wouldn't want to write my next novel this way, but it does work well for a blog entry. I am on my home network, the signal for which is coming in quite well. I have yet to explore tapping available wifi signals while traveling. That will be a future project.

I have also placed an extension cord on board, to allow for connecting to outside power sources when available. I hope to add a power storage unit sometime in the near future, to allow even more flexibility in electronic camping comfort. I have a few other items I will add over time, and I am sure I will find more.

This has been an update from the Mobile Man Cave.

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Jerry said...

Okay -- I think I'm getting jealous of your Man Cave. Blogging from the Man Cave. Man Cave blogging. I suspect many adventures are forthcoming.