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Monday, January 3, 2011


I have a fondness for horizons. Metaphorical or real, horizons appeal to me. I am endlessly curious about what lies between me and any horizon I can see. I am endlessly curious about what may exist beyond the horizon. Beyond the horizon may dwell dragons and lost cities and everything that populates the imagination. Horizons are not limiting, they are the promise of adventure, experience and learning.

I recall reading in one of Henry David Thoreau's works a similar fascination on his part with regard to horizons. I can't recall which one, though Walden or A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers are high on the list of contenders for the honor. Anyway, the theme of wandering and exploration in Thoreau strikes a common feeling between that author and myself.

The horizon played an interesting part in Larry Niven's Ringworld, as well. Due to it's unique structure the fictional Ringworld appeared to those who dwelt upon it to have a great arch reaching up into the sky. The arch appeared to touch the horizon at two points on the visible world. The mystical draw of this horizon plays a part in the story line, and certainly fascinated me.

I am striving to put my life in order to allow me to finally succumb to the call of the horizon. The Mobile Man Cave (my camping conversion van) will give me mobility with reasonable comfort. The (eventual) sale of my house should provide adequately for my family in creature comforts and security, once the whole plan comes to fruition. I then hope to have the freedom to do some exploring.

With a little more freedom in the way of time and money I hope to look beyond other horizons, as well. There are still many things to explore through reading and study. With money for books and time to read, I hope to explore up to and beyond some intellectual horizons. I have used up at least half of a lifetime so far, so I am somewhat limited by time regarding such adventures, but then I have always found life too short to allow the level of exploration for which I hunger.

Then again, the end of life is just another horizon. I may be half way there, more or less. And then comes the adventure of traveling beyond the horizon. That's pretty exciting, as well.

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