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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spam Maggots

So, did I mention I have been learning to promote my book? Yes? Well, I won't mention my book again this week. What I am learning about right now is Social Networking. This does not relate to Social Security, which is often in the news these days. Neither is it about Socialism, which might or might not be the same thing. No, this is about reaching out and meeting people both online and in real life.

I have spent part of the last week probing various blogs and web sites seeking people who might want to know about my book, which I said I wouldn't mention until at least next week. I tried to find blogs related to fantasy adventure and reading and things like that. Well, mostly those two words in particular. I found some. I read them. I posted a response here and there and a link to my book. The one I am not mentioning.

It was slow going.

I have been the recipient of SPAM over the years. Indeed, I have been constantly surprised by the number of people on the Internet interested in the size of part of my anatomy, how many people think I need reproduction Rolex watches, and how much I want to work from home, (which I pretty much do now.) So, I didn't want to become a Spammer. That would be bad.

Still, I sought a tool to assist me. One quite affordable was my thought. I found one. It was free. I find free quite affordable, so I downloaded it (after checking reviews and finding out if anyone had been killed or maimed by this particular software.) I tried working with it today. It really is a good tool for what I am doing.

Now what I don't want to do is leave a general comment in broken English with a very obviously unrelated link attached. That, I do believe, is SPAM. Not good. However, if I actually read the article, and deem the writer as one who might genuinely want to read my book, that is not Spam. Not really.

I tried to be respectful. For example, I read the article by a lady who was a writer and reader of fantasy literature. She should have been a good choice. I discovered that she was coping with a mental illness, and that the writing was as much a therapy and compulsion as anything else. I did not post there. Sure, she might like my book. You know, the one I am not mentioning. However, it just did not feel right.

It felt like SPAM.

Even so, I used the software to find a lot of sites. Interesting sites. Sites where I could leave a nice message relating to the material being covered and also refer to my book. Yeah, that book.

So, as I move on in my Spam-free adventure and get to know this software I might just eventually write a review. Some of you may have works you want to promote. Without Spam, of course.

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to drop a link to your site or product in the comments below, feel free. Just comment first in fairly sound English, with a related and nicely presented link. Oh, and don't post anonymously. I won't authorize anonymous posts with unrelated links.

That would be SPAM.


Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Now, if a spammer was offering a genuine Rolex that dispensed Viagra while slicing Julienne fries, well that might be more interesting ;)

jbchicoine said...

Okay...well...I don't really have anything to promote right now, but I love hearing about how you are going about all this non-SPAM-ing, regarding the book you're not mentioning...:) Seriously, I'm curious about this new software...

Michael Lockridge said...

Hmmm. Pliny has established the roots of a new short story, I should think, if not a real product.

JB, I will probably post something by next week identifying the software. I want to drive it a few miles, first.

Carol said...

Don't feel bad, those spammers think my girlfriend isn't happy, you know, the one I don't have because that's not how I roll? Anyway, good luck with the book your're not mentioning!

Jerry said...

Best wishes on your book you are not mentioning and your non-spam adventures. This software sounds interesting.

Karen said...

It's ironic, that before I delete the spam comment you left on my blog (and yes, I do consider it to be spam), I decide to check your link out and am totally blown away that you are bragging about being a "spam maggot". You've apparently failed to learn lesson 101 of what Social Networking.

As a tip for you, if you had just left your comment, as generic as it was (points for not being in broken English), and not blatantly promoted your book, I would have come to your blog and had I then seen an advertisement for the book in your sidebar, something like "check out my new book", I most likely would have checked it out and potentially been a customer. But now I'm turned off by your spamming, and bragging about spamming, such that I won't give it a chance--one potential customer gone.

Michael Lockridge said...

I really appreciate Karen's criticism and candor, and returned to her site to state that fact. And, to apologize. My goal is to show some genuine appreciation for the blogs on which I post, and hopefully bring positive attention to my books.

Alas, I even failed in my first point of communication. I was not bragging about being a spam maggot, but rather trying to show I was seeking to be better than the spam maggots.

I am feeling rather maggoty, now. It is not a good feeling.

Michael Lockridge said...

Interestingly, just after my quite necessary apology to Karen I received some positive feedback from another blog regarding my mode of promotion.

How ought I to react to this apparent conflict? I must recognize that I am moving in the right direction due to positive feedback. I must also recognize that I need to refine my approach so as to not offend.

I am not averse to criticism and failures. The contain some very valuable lessons. Ultimate failure comes from failing to learn from these valuable experiences.

jbchicoine said...

Michael, you know how interested I am in learning from your experience. I guess everyone has a different level of tolerance for some things. I just want to say that I think you have a great attitude! :) Thanks for letting us watch and learn!