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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farewell, Steve-

Lots of people will be blogging farewell to a creative and powerful figure of our era. I, too, wish to express my appreciation for the man and his work. He has truly impacted our world. I have visited the Apple campus, a nexus of innovation and creativity. I have been directly and indirectly involved in Silicon Valley, and the amazing culture it spawned.

I am particularly amazed at all he did toward the end of his days. Pancreatic cancer is particularly painful, and to do battle for so long is truly impressive. I have a dubious honor in that I had an attack of acute pancreatitis years ago. I sampled the pain. It is a most amazing pain, and for him to work through that kind of pain on a regular basis for years is astounding. That, and continuing to perform at a high level in a challenging industry.

He will be missed. Missed by multitudes, around the world. And rightly so.

I now turn to another page. In the course of my own career I never met Steve Jobs, but I met other people. People not so high up on the scale of human achievement. Dregs, actually. In particular, winos. Drunks. Wasted humanity. Failures as deep as Steve Jobs was successful.

I watched them die, over time. Penguin. Pathfinder. Scotty. Scotty was a particularly nice guy. Vodka Ron. Ron would often continue conversations with me that we had never started. Others whom I could name. One took the name of Harry Blackstone Jr., and was a magician at the end of his magical rope. One went by the name of Sarge, with some unclear military background.

Some were broken warriors. Others just took a wrong turn at a bump in the road of life. A few had college degrees somewhere in the past. Others had failed businesses, failed relationships, or just failed life management decisions. All found themselves at the bottom of a bottle. I never saw any of them that got in this deep make it out, except Pathfinder. He just quit. Got a job and a place to stay. Then died.

I choose to sometimes remember these forgotten humans. Steve Jobs earned the honor of being remembered by multitudes. That is good and right. I remember him, too. The others, those who did not fare as well, will go unremembered. I choose to sometimes remember them, not for their successes or failures, but for their humanity.

Human, just like Steve. Farewell, Steve. You ran a good race. Rest in peace.


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your unique perspective. I too was, of course, incredibly impressed with Steve jobs but see no need to add my voice to the accolades. Your comments were a jolt to the reality of all the unremembered people.
I look forward to reading your book.

Carol said...

Steve Jobs contributed so much. Thank you for remembering the ones who couldn't.

Jerry said...

Good and humble thoughts. Thank you.

ain't for city gals said...

Hi I came over from me and my dog's blog...I hope that everyone has at least one person to remember matter what happened in their life. My nephew works for Apple...he absolutely loves it...the best company to work for....which tells you something about Steve Jobs. Looking forward to reading your past and future posts.

Michael Lockridge said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sheryl. Your business of vintage trailer restoration is interesting. I have a future project that my require your expertise. I shall contact you when the time is right.

Chris, Carol and Jerry, thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you are all well.