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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home again-

I have been away on vacation. It was a purposed journey, to visit my family in Medford, Oregon. I had Internet access there, but devoted the time on being with my family.

The trip there and the trip home were engineered to give me a travel adventure. I have already documented day one. I hope to get that published soon. I will get more entries done over the course of this next week, and publish as I can. I return to work tomorrow, and do not know how much time I will have to work on these things during the work week.

Perhaps that needs some explaining. I work twelve hour shifts. Night shifts. I work 28 miles from home. Because I find myself too sleepy in the morning to drive, I have been camping (low-profile except for blabbing it all over the Internet) to avoid risk of accidents. My Internet access is sporadic, since I do have a job and I try to do that job when working. So, I do not know how much time I will have to work on my blogs.

The travel was fun, and I really treasured the time I could spend with my parents, my sisters and my nieces. So, I better get to that first post.

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