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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have come to realize, over the years, that I am a vengeful man. I think it is the consequence of my high ideals and the disappointments of having society fail to meet my standards. I don't think those standards are unreasonable, but then I am probably not objective.

Anyway, whether or not this bail-out happens, there are fat-cats who engineered this fiasco. I am sure they were just wheeling and dealing in their own special style, which is what made them fat-cats in the first place. Be that as it may, they are responsible.

Some of these creatures of dubious lineage (that's an expletive transliterated to make me seem educated and not quite as course as I really am) will receive "golden parachute" compensations for failing their companies and seriously damaging the American economy. Rewarded for failure, and for injuring others.

My sense of justice is somewhat offended by this.

Since they acted in the freedom (though not the responsibility) of a deregulated economy, few will be subject to criminal charges. Since they are fat-cats, even if they were they would just O.J. through the thing.

In this particular case I am all for a redistribution of wealth. Take their wealth and apply it to the deficit they have created. Leave each of them a house (any one of those they own that is paid for, preferably the least valuable of the lot), a car, and $400,000. I am being generous, but someone who has been living high on the hog will suffer when living on sow bellies and pigs feet.

Poor them.

They can start over. Oh, we could engineer more dire circumstances for them to work their way out of, but then we would expose possibly honest poor people to these creatures of dubious lineage. That would not be right. We wouldn't want them taking direct advantage of the working poor.

That is what the government is for.

As disgusted as I am with the recent machinations of government, I still love this country. I just wish to see it rise to the fabled ideals that supposedly are its foundation.

That would be a nice change.

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