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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gilmore Girls-

I have never been fond of human emotions. At one point in my youth I attempted to shut off my emotions. I felt that emotions were at the center of most human problems.

I was right, but my solution was wrong. Our human emotions are a large part of being human. Indeed, though I still have a deep and abiding love of the intellect, I am convinced that we are fundamentally emotional beings. The intellect is just a part of our being, and quite possibly not the most important part.

That is a huge thing for me to say.

So, I struggle with feelings, with emotion. I am still not fond of human emotions. But, I am getting better. Perhaps before my time runs out I will become a complete human being.

Maybe not.

My wife, Linda, is a fan of the Gilmore Girls. She loved the show when it was fresh and new and on television. She loves it now when it is available on DVD. So, she offered me the first season.

It is a witty and cheerful program, for the most part. I like the nod toward the intellect. It makes me feel smart when I get some obscure reference. I also like cheerful. Along with all of that, a quirky set of characters, and pretty sets, there comes emotion. Not overwhelming. In palatable doses.

Just the thing for an emotionally retarded individual such as myself.

So, for the next few months I will be laughing and (maybe) crying along with the Gilmores.

I can probably balance that out with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I am still only half-way through that series.

Gotta love that Quark.


Pam said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I made my husband watch the Gilmore Girls with me. He called it "witty banter" night.

mac said...

Ya can't go wrong with Lauren Graham......she is sooooo cute :-)