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Sunday, November 2, 2008

How I Failed My Memory-

I do not have a good memory.

More correctly, I may or may not have a good memory. I have never trusted my memory very much, and so it never got big and strong. It languished in some forgotten place, getting little exercise and suffering from poor self-image due to neglect.

I do know that I have a terrible mind for names. They do not easily attach to objects (which includes people) and I have a laps of confidence in my memory as a result.

Over the years I could have (and should have) trusted my memory more. Taken it out for walks, gotten a little exercise and fresh air. Instead I learned how to find information. Whatever the information seeking part of the brain is called, that part got exercise.

I need information. I ask my memory. It says, "go look it up." Then it rolls over on the nice couch I bought it and goes back to sleep. I go to look it up, and then come back to my memory. "Where?" I ask. My memory does not even turn over. It just mumbles the best place to start, and I go and look it up.

Not a strong working relationship.

Don't neglect your memory, folks. When my Alzheimer comes I probably won't notice. A memory is such a terrible thing to waste.

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