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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have a vague interest in boats. I recall when I was in junior high school a friend and I would spend time looking at boat plans. We dreamed vaguely of building small boats and doing some vague kind of boating.

In high school I had a friend who was interested in sailing on a tall ship. For a time I shared his dream, at least in some vague way. We would sign on as crew on some cloth and wind powered vessel and see the world.

I have long had some vague notion of running down the Mississippi in a small boat, ala Huckleberry Finn.

Never real plans. No setting up savings and doing extra jobs to get the money together. Just vague dreams and notions.

When I am doing my virtual travel, and even sometimes when I do real travel, I see bodies of water on maps or in the distance and vaguely dream of exploring those waters on a vague general boat.

I have located some pretty large bodies of water in my virtual travels that just beg for exploration. Miles of shoreline. Days, weeks, even months of potential exploration.

It sounds interesting. It sounds fun. Vaguely.

Perhaps such a vague and general interest is better served through reading. I wouldn't have to get as much money together, and it would serve such a vague level of interest just as well.

Perhaps better.

I rarely get wet when reading.

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