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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gilmore Girls, again-

I am now most of the way through the second season. My coworkers are making fun of me. They fail to see that I am enjoying a show founded on great writing and an amazing cast of quirky characters. They think I am showing my lavender.

Not that I am bothered by them making fun of me. They always have. With abundant reason. Hey, I spend a lot of my time off driving a cartoon character around an imaginary world. I spent years reading mathematics books for recreation. I did word problems for fun. I have read the Lord of the Rings more than ten times. I live in the parking lot.

So, anyway, I really do enjoy the relationships that are central to the Gilmore Girls experience. Perhaps it is because even the most intense elements of those relationships are presented at a fast pace and in a context of humor. Oh, there are real moments of sadness. There is a real concern for the welfare of the characters facing the consequences of their story driven decisions. Fortunately, the doses are small and surrounded by witty banter and just plain fun.

The greatest challenge is believing the intensity of the young characters with regard to their education. Or even Grandpa Gilmore, reminiscing over his own youthful dedication in aspiring to a suit and a position with a powerful firm at the age of ten.

I am fifty five years old and don't have such devotion. I just want to finish this career and find a next career that fits a little more comfortably. I haven't any idea what that might be. My devotion has always been doing what I must to take care of my family. They still have needs, and so that remains my devotion.

Fortunately I have the Gilmore Girls to aid me in bearing the burden of an ill fitting career. They will see me through the waning months of that career, and provide what has always been good medicine.

A bit of laughter and a warm heart.

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Pam said...

It could be worse, my husband has to sit through America's Next Top Model.