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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Highway 395-

I just completed a Google Document project, a virtual tour of Highway 395. This project had several goals. First was to learn how to use Google Documents.

I found Google Documents to be a positive experience. I could work on the document on any Internet connected computer. I did not have to haul the document around on a thumb drive, email it to myself, or otherwise do much of anything. I started, edited and maintained the document on Google.

It is easy to share, as well. I have an Internet document, accessible to other Google users. If I wanted to I could open the document to modification and editing by other Google users.

The interface is easy to use, and adequate to my purposes.

My second goal for the document was trip planning. I hope to travel highway 395 from the deserts of California to the border between Washington and British Columbia, either next year or the year following. This provided a nice planning tool. Not all of my planning is in the document, but it is a beginning. A dream, and a plan.

My third goal was to share the document. I am doing so through the link at the top of this blog. Contact me via email or comment to gain access. If you have feedback regarding the document, the idea or any other aspect of realizing this dream, feel free to comment here and share your thoughts. I hope to email some friends and family as well, and involve them through my blog and this document.

My final goal was to work on integrating my blogging and the planning of this trip. I wanted to use the various tools and learn to use them better.

This was a fun and interesting project. I believe that using Google Documents allowed me to build my dream of travel, explore use of Internet tools, and share my dream with other Internet users. I suspect that this is just the beginning.

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jo jo said...

hello, I am planning a trip up 395 and was doing research on destinations. I attempted to view your virtual tour but it requested permission to access. If you can allow me access I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you telepathicchicken@gmail