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Sunday, April 26, 2009


This week I decided to go to Wintergrasp. In Azroth the realm of Wintergrasp is found in Northrend. Azroth is the imaginary world that is the home to the Role Playing Game called the World of Warcraft. Northrend is one of the three known continents in that imaginary world.

I spend a bit of time in Azroth every week. I love the game.

Wintergrasp is a zone in perpetual war even greater than the general state of war that exists in Azroth. Periodically the Horde or the Alliance will attempt to take the main keep in Wintergrasp, and gain dominance over the zone for two and a half hours.

I fight on the side of the Alliance.

Most players are better at player-versus-player combat than I am. I have largely played a game of exploration and cautious warfare against characters that exist in the game. So, why Wintergrasp?

Largely because I had not tried it, and have completed exploring the world of Azroth. So, I went there. I found within the keep a number of turret weapons mounted on the walls. This was something I could do! So, I waited for the next battle, and tried my hand at defending the walls.

It was a lot of fun. Watching for the enemy coming toward the walls. Lobbing rounds at their war machines and warriors. Seeking a point of advantage that had an available weapon, and trying to stop the advance of the Horde.

I am still not particularly good at player-versus-player warfare. However, I can lob explosive rounds with great delight. So far I have done pretty well.

Who knows? I might get good enough to go out into the field and do something other than dying repeatedly.

That sounds like some real fun!

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