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Friday, January 29, 2010

Disneyland Scooter Posse-

They are growing in number. At one time only the infirm were scootered in the Magic Kingdom. (For those purists out there, Disneyland is also the Magic Kingdom, by prior usage.) Now they are a clan of people who recognize that hiking all over the place is hard on untrained legs.

Traveling in groups, so far none have been threatening. No gang colors, other than those affiliated with "The Mouse." A lot of evidence of The Mouse's influence, but so far no encouragement of malfeasance. Just people using technology to enhance their experience at the Disneyland Resort.

Sometimes the presence of these mobility devices provides impromptu entertainment. Linda and I were sitting on a bench in the town square on Main Street, enjoying a bit of rest and the general ambiance of Disneyland. Along came two men using scooters. Responding to background music they launched into a scooter dance, which was surprisingly good for something unrehearsed.

They circled the central area performing scooter pirouettes and other scooter dance moves, at one point joining hands and orbiting some central point of greater gravitation. Finishing with a flourish, one man gave up his scooter to a lady he called "Mom." Apparently he was just scooter sitting, and he and Dad just had a "special moment."

Scooters in a place like the Disneyland Resort do make sense. People are sometimes injured, sometimes expand in dimensions without intending to do so, and all eventually grow older. Using technology to overcome these inconveniences can make the experience of the Magic Kingdom truly magical.

I love the Disneyland Resort. At the cost of encouraging larger crowds, I encourage everyone to visit at least once. If mobility is an issue, rest assured that the Disneyland Resort provides several alternatives. For just a bit more in cost a scooter can become part of your posse, and make the visit a truly magical experience.

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