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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Swing Dancing and the Video Lifestyle-

In Disneyland there is a bandstand, with a nice little dance floor. On this visit and some of our previous visits we have found it a pleasant place to rest and watch the dancers in the evening. Some dancers have outfits and routines indicative of a deep commitment to dancing and the dancing lifestyle. Most wore more ordinary park visitor garb, but many of those exhibited considerable experience and skill in an art I know little about.

Knowing little did not prevent me from appreciating the skill and zeal of the dancers. One young lady sitting in front of us was literally bouncing in her chair, waiting until her partner was ready to hit the floor. They literally hit the floor running, and launched into a routine they had obviously practiced a great deal.

Children danced with each other, or with an adult companion. Two teenage young women danced together. One young lady of prodigious energy had a pair of young men attending her. They alternated time on the floor, while she danced every dance. Many dancers were adorned with gray hair, yet moved with the fluidity of perpetual youth.

Perhaps I should consider learning this art. There are worse ways of getting exercise and extending my days on the earth. A turn or two in the Magic Kingdom would not be bad at all. I may need an economy sized package of Pixie Dust to make it work.

We shall see. On to my next thought...

I collected some videos during our visit. Several on our inexpensive digital camera, and several more on my phone. Videos are a constant in our digital era. For good, and sometimes ill, videos are here to stay.

So I got to thinking. Cameras are small enough to mount on hats, or webbed head gear. Capture equipment is small enough to carry in a bag, or strap to a belt. It would be possible to capture an entire Disneyland adventure, moment by moment, in real time. Every minute. EVERY minute!

Perhaps that's not such a good idea. See you on the dance floor!

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Jerry said...

I read this yesterday and it started a train of thought that led to me writing my last inspiring adventure (to me at least) in learning to dance.