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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My government doesn't trust me-

The best evidence that my government does not trust me is tax withholding. After I earn money, but before I receive it, they take some of it. They don't trust me to pay my taxes. Granted, I might be hesitant to do so if I could actually hesitate. They don't seem to manage the money very well. Still, they choose to not trust me and steal my money before I even get it.

Then there are the manipulations and lies. Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? Secret wars and secret government and secret this and secret that. Secrets don't imply trust. I have to work hard to see past the smoke screens, spin-doctoring, and outright lies. What a pain.

They won't trust me to carry weapons, which I could easily do quite responsibly. The laws prevent me, a citizen of proven character, from carrying weapons. Criminals by nature don't care about laws, and so carry weapons as they choose. I don't have a choice. If I carry weapons, I become a criminal. I wouldn't mind so much if the cops were readily available to protect me. However, there are only so many of them, and I just don't think I could get a personal escort pretty much all of the time. Has the government made all places safe for me so that I need never be concerned for my safety, and take precautions?

I can't be trusted to protect myself. I have to submit to being a potential victim because I cannot be trusted to protect myself. At what point did I demonstrate that I warrant such a lack of trust? I don't recall any event where I made it clear that I am incompetent. It seems that I am assumed to be incompetent and unable to make sound choices based on nothing at all.

They are probably right. I am just naive enough to think that by living responsibly and honestly I should be able to live in liberty according to my own choices using my own judgement. How foolish of me to think that I am the best director of my own affairs.

I love my country, and I will continue to live here and enjoy such liberties as remain. I am going to keep an eye on that government that does not trust me, however. Trust has to go both ways, and I haven't seen much of worth, lately.

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