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Monday, September 29, 2008

Idealists and Visionaries-

For many years I thought of myself as a cynic. When challenged on the matter, I realized that I am really a frustrated idealist. I had strong visions of things as they ought to be, and I was often frustrated by how hard it was to push things in that direction.

Some people actually obstructed the development of my ideals. Imagine that.

I recently took a test to assist in finding my next career. I am planning to retire from this line of work, and I need a next career.

The test said I was a Visionary.

That sounds nice. Like Idealist.

I have yet to see a job description that includes visionary. Much less a visionary idealist.

I can't think of a combination of traits more inclined to buy frustration when dealing with human beings. Especially if you don't like people.

Before there is confusion, let me explain. I like some individuals quite a bit. I like some other individuals enough to enjoy their presence on occasion. I don't mind the existence of other people, generally. I don't dis-like people.

However, I don't like people. I don't miss people in general when I have periods of isolation. I don't long for crowds, for milling masses. I don't feel a compulsion to go to places where there are lots of people bumping and grinding. I don't enjoy the challenge of interacting with people, as in business or politics.

I have no idea what a visionary idealist is supposed to do with himself. What kind of next career is suitable for a visionary idealist who is just plain tired of interacting with people?

My next career will probably have to wait. I suspect I need a job that does not require a lot of interaction with people. Some time to decompress, and a chance to figure out just where I might fit in.

I have never really "fit in" before. I wonder what that might be like?

So, anyway, if you come across any jobs for visionaries or idealists, drop me a line. I could use the help.

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Anonymous said...

maybe you should just keep writing!