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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Camp Stove-

I picked up a Northwest Territories single burner camp stove the other day. I have used it twice. The burner head is screwed onto a small propane tank, which sits in a base that keeps it stable.

The stove lights quickly using a simple lighter. Even at low setting it provides a good amount of heat. When heating the contents of a can this can present a challenge. I found I had to stir often, and frequently remove the pot from the burner to prevent burning the food. Still, for the cost this is an adequate stove. The total investment was less than fifteen dollars.

If real cooking is important in your camping experience I would recommend spending more and shopping carefully for a suitable camp stove. However, for a budget unit that can boil water quickly and (with care) heat canned foods, this thing is just fine.

I would eventually like to find a small grill that will add to my camp kitchen. A bucket grill might be just the thing. The Sagaform Metal Barbeque Bucket Grill seems like a very good choice to me. Very simple, and it looks like it would do the job for quite a few years.

So far my camp cooking is extremely simple. Heat and serve. However, I know camp cooking can be an art, and I may well decide to follow that muse in the coming months and years.

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meggie said...

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog, & leaving me a very interesting comment.
My daughter & SIL are the ones to talk to about camping. I do believe they almost serve up 3 course meals! Alas she does not have internet. I seem to be the only one in the family who is interested in writing- blogs letters or otherwise!