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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Virtual Travel-

A while back I did a virtual travel project. I plotted a course around the perimeter of the United States, and then tried to visit points along the way over the Internet. I collected photos and bits of information and made a file for each day of travel. I still have the collection in a rough format.

By the way, the virtual journey took about 270 days.

As I did this project I found that I really wanted more pictures and blogs relating to the many small towns I virtually passed through. Unfortunately there are not a lot of photos of the places. Some places will have family photos and friends photos, but few photos to show the place.

At this time I have a project idea growing in my mind. One that I can actually do, and encourage others to do. It is a virtual travel library of photos of places people might want to visit over the Internet. People who cannot travel at the moment, but who might want to visit some place via photos, videos and writing.

As I said, it is embryonic. At this point it is just the idea of people going out and photographing the place they live. Trying to get images that would share with the world the place they call home.

Many people don't value the place they live. Having lived there a long time they cannot see the place through new eyes. That would be the challenge.

The reward would be a wealth of place photos on the Internet. The reward might also be a new perspective on that place called home.

We just got a new camera. The images we can get with this camera are good enough for this particular project. It is just a digital snap-shot camera, and not particularly expensive. However, it is a tool I can use to begin my project.

So, if you happen by this blog and find the idea intriguing, get out there and take pictures. Share the place you call home with people like me.

I will do the same.

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Pam said...

This sounds interesting.