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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year-

The whole New Years Eve thing has never been particularly important to me. Parties, lights, noise. Nope, not for me.

In most of my past journals I did make some note of the new year. Reflection. Speculation. Very few resolutions. I never found that particularly interesting, either.

I have always enjoyed the time between Christmas and New Years Eve, however. It has always seemed peaceful. It always seemed quiet. The Great Christmas Huzzah, then the wait until the New Year. A contemplative period.

Now the New Year has begun. It is special, since this will be my last year as a correctional officer. It will be a year of preparing for what might come next. Time to consider a next career, and make the necessary preparations for the big change.

Our household will become full again this year, as my daughter Beth, son-in-law Dave, and the grandkids come back to live with us. We will have to creatively use the space in the house, and develop new ways of living together. I look forward to it. I loved having the little ones around, and being able to watch them grow will be wonderful.

The next Christmas is just over the horizon. It will come soon enough, and be most welcome when it does.

A whole new year. Pretty cool!

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