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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A life that is far from affluent tends to cause one to carefully define what is important. If caring for one's family is the priority a lot of dreams must be set aside. So it was for a large span of my life.

I do not regret going with those priorities. I am not so made that I can abandon my family as first priority in order to pursue some lesser dream. Indeed, it has been a most worthwhile investment.

My children are honorable and good people, respected in the community and a source of pride for me. My grandchildren are a delight. What sacrifices I have made have been worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the habit of self-denial and sacrifice led to a loss of my capacity to dream. With my nose to the grindstone I did not notice that the daily grind had ground me down to near failure. I got help, and following a time of healing and exercising my depressed spirit, I began again to have dreams.

The machine pictured here is a Spyder Roadster. It is a three wheeled vehicle that exists in the realm between a motorcycle and a sports car. This vehicle is interesting, and desirable. It is not specifically my dream, though having one would facilitate the dream quite nicely.

My dream is travel. Not necessarily destination travel to particular exotic locals, though I would not be averse to such travel. No, it is the highway itself that attracts me. The highway and all that exists along the ribbon passing through the land.

A Spyder would facilitate that quite nicely. Combined with a motorcycle camp trailer, it would be fabulous. It is even (nearly) affordable. A bit safer than a motorcycle, but still the "out there" experience of riding. It would require just a bit more compromise than truck camping, but it would be a much better experience.

As I said, it is not yet time for fulfilling such a dream, but I now may have the hope of doing something like this. I even have plans for a few little journeys this year to begin sampling the traveling lifestyle. Small highways that can be enjoyed in a day, or maybe two.

I have thought that it might be fun to put together various camping travel systems and try them out. One idea was a truck top tent mounted above a truck utility bed. I think a utility bed would be rather nice for camping. I like the truck top tents because they set up quickly, which would be a nice thing generally and especially nice in the event of bad weather. Camping off of the ground is also a good thing.

Once a system was built and tested, it could be sold and a new system put together. It would add a dimension to the whole travel adventure.

At present, just having dreams and making actual plans is a step upward.

If I should one day find myself riding a Spyder, so much the better. It would be a dream come true.

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