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Monday, March 2, 2009

Google Fan-

I must admit that I am a Google fan. I am constantly discovering new bits of Googledom of which I was previously unaware, and learning to love the versatile and robust tools Google provides.

Blogger, of course. I recognize that there are superior blogging and website options out there, but Blogger is accessible and easy. I am established, and continue to blog on Blogger. It has proved stable, and is accessible from just about any computer.

I have created a personalized front end for computer use in iGoogle. This front end has elements I have selected, including a translator and weather updates for several places I want to monitor. There are many other front end programs available, but iGoogle suites me well and has proved stable and flexible.

Google Maps, with Street View. I have been researching Interstate 395 in part by following it on Google Maps and looking in on Street View. It has been a marvelous tool. I am just beginning to build my familiarity and skill with this tool, but am growing to appreciate the value of viewing the route and many details of my future journey.

Now, Google Docs. Tonight I found a place of interest in John Day, Oregon. How to note this in preparing for my journey? I often must move from computer to computer in the course of a week. Favorites are recorded on particular computers, and not easily portable. Tonight I remembered Google Docs, and made up a document to record this place of interest.

I will be going over the route again and again, and adding to my notes. By the time I am able to make my Interstate 395 journey a reality I shall have gained more expertise in using Google tools to help me in the research, and much knowledge about the journey itself.

Portability, flexibility, stability and accessibility. Google may not be perfect, but it is very good.

Unquestionably, I am a Google Fan.

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