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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch-

Our journey today took the whole family north along Highway 1 to Pescadero. A little farm that sells pumpkins, and has turned the Halloween Holiday into an event and their farm into an event destination. Hay Rides, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Hay Maze, and even some pumpkins. Arata's Farm.

It was a very nice day. A bit foggy, but that is not unusual along this part of the California coast. Four generations, our whole household with the exception of our youngest son, Jon. Apparently pumpkins were not his thing.

Arata's Farm has evolved in recent years, expanding their entertainment menu. We partook of a bit, but elected to dine in Pescadero. We traveled the few miles to the little town, which proved not to particularly sleepy. Droves of people lined the few streets, procuring meals or visiting the shops.

We procured sandwiches at Norm's Market and dined at a nice little picnic area they had out back of the store. The bread was fresh and delicious, the sandwiches generous and tasty. We picked up a couple of loaves of their Artichoke bread to take home for dinner. (I just had some. Delicious!)

On the way home we passed a patch of ocean in which there were dozens of kite surfers, sail surfers, and sky surfers. We paused to enjoy the spectacle, and continued south. We drove in to have a closer look at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, and again were headed south.

Home, and soon it was time to address dressing the pumpkins. The kids did great, creating some very unique Jack-O-Lanterns to adorn the front steps.

A late dinner, (those sandwiches were filling), of pasta and the artichoke bread.

Now, just a bit of blogging, and soon to bed.

I will try and get some photos of the finished pumpkins tomorrow.

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