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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some semi-related thoughts-

I entered into blogging largely as a means to reach out and "network" to promote my writing. My short stories blog was intended to showcase some of my very short fiction, hoping that in time I might get something out there that would bring me revenue as well as providing an outlet.

Then I started blogging my adventures in barbecue, and tried to get serious about my personal philosophy in blog form. Lastly I created this blog to catch "Everything Else."

Needless to say, this blog has probably been my most active. Part online diary, part sandbox for ideas, this blog became the central blog of my little blog universe. Changes in my life and work schedule distanced me from the short story writing. Oh, there will be more. At present there is little compulsion to sit down and write.

As to philosophy, I just don't seem to have the need to sound profound, to work diligently to build a system of thought that captures my world view. The blog will remain, a place to put such works as I ultimately am driven to produce that fit into the context of "philosophy." However, I just am not driven to philosophy as I was in my youth.

Barbecue. Now that is an area I have not abandoned. Changes in the household, however, have altered the process. I need to regroup and focus on the barbecue adventure. Perhaps I should expand the scope of the blog, since there have been some recent explorations in cooking that were not related to the barbecue. We shall see.

So, back to Everything Else. I have given some thought to the idea of being more diligent in the journal/diary aspect of blogging. Recording every day, a record of the doings of the day. The sameness of most days tends to wash away such a compulsion, but I think that the discipline to find something in each day to record might compel me to think about each day.

I am somewhat restricted in that recording too much detail of my work days could cause issues with the Sheriff's Office for which I work. I am sure that our tech crime people frequently scan the works of employees as part of their duties. I cannot state that as a fact, of course, since I have nothing to substantiate such a claim. However, it is difficult to imagine that they do not.

Indeed, the Internet is full of tales of blogs and social sites adversely affecting individual people as far as employment goes. So, my work news will be general at best. A jail is a great source of interesting stories, but sharing them could prove problematic.

What of other aspects of my life? Well, over the course of the last year I have resided in the jail parking lot during my work week. I have sheltered in a tent that fits in the back of my truck. A surprisingly comfortable way of living, at least for me.

Recently, we were directed to cease residing in the parking lot. Though I was just sleeping days there, being on the night shift, some issues came up and I and the other camper were directed to stop sleeping here. I now day sleep in a state park, using a seasonal day use pass.

To be quite honest, it is not bad at all. I sleep near the sea, and the park I use has little traffic at this time of year. Having to set up camp every day, rather than once each week, is a little bit of extra work. Having an ocean view every day is a pretty good compensation.

Will there be sufficient details to share? I shall look for them, and we shall see.

Now, life with the family. We have nine people living in the house. Four generations. Are there family issues? Of course. Is this the place to air them? I don't think so. That aspect of the diary certainly won't take place here. However, I think I can watch for things that can be shared.

Perhaps I will take a page or two from the blogs of some other bloggers I follow and blog the household and family activities. That will have some very positive consequences. We will have a record of our lives together. I will be compelled to watch for blogable events, and record them. I may also be compelled to follow through on some projects so that I can share them.

More pictures, of course. I know that I seldom take the time, and I need to do better. There are plenty of fine blogs I follow that provide the example. I need to follow through.

So, let's see.

Expand My Barbecue Adventures to include other foody explorations.

Keep open to expressing philosophical thoughts in Philosophy on Purpose. Perhaps try to give it a monthly essay or something.

Discipline myself to create at least one story each month for my short story blog.

Strive to come up with a daily entry to Everything Else. Look at my life and write it down.

Sounds good. If nothing else, the road to Hell will be a little less bumpy.


Pam said...

It's suprising how much you can blog within the confines of keeping some things private.

willow said...

Thank you so very much for your kind comment about my poem. Your encouragement was much appreciated.~x