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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I hate taggers-

I don't mind the "art" that sometimes actually is art on obscure locations like hidden bridges and drainage tunnels and such. I don't care for the "in your face" tagging of public places. The destruction of property just to leave a mark, often in a script that fails to communicate.

Puppies marking territories.

One of our local stores failed early in the recession. An anchor store at the mall. We only have one mall in our smallish community. The new store coming in was KOHLS. They did a nice renovation of the store area, and a particularly nice job on the restrooms.

Some petty little twit tagged the mirror in the new restroom. An overly stylized script, quite unreadable, scratched in the mirror in eight inch letters.

This behavior really makes me angry. This waste of skin invaded my world and made it poorer by inflicting his tag on me in a public place. I really don't care what deficiencies in his week little life he is compensating for by so assaulting my senses. The counsel I might offer would likely be violent, should I be present at the time of the crime.

Unfortunately, I am compelled to simply tolerate these assaults, these petty offenses. Fleas. Useless little bags of offal. They make me weary.

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