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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day-

To those of you who have served in the Armed Forces of these United States I say, "Thank you."

I am among your numbers, being a Viet Nam Era Vet. For those who do not know what that means, I explain. Those who served during the term of the Viet Nam War but did not serve in active combat zones associated with that war are Era Vets.

Whether or not a veteran served during wartime, whether or not a veteran served in country or served supporting the active combatants, the service is real. To serve is to take up arms and place your life on the line for home and country. Those who have done so are worthy of great honor. Thank you, one and all.

I am not given easily to tears. This morning as I drove home from working a night shift deep emotions associated with thoughts of my brothers and sisters in arms came to the surface. I struggled to drive as tears flowed, tears for those many who left home to serve the nation. Tears for the many who never came back.

When I arrived home I poured a drink and took it out into my yard. I stood in front of the home I have the privilege of owning, on a piece of land that belongs to myself and my family according to the laws and freedoms of these United States. I drank a toast to my brothers and sisters in arms of every place and every era, those who stood the line in defense of this place we call home.

I cannot bring back those who have died. I cannot give back the torn and broken limbs, or the broken minds and hearts. I can do little to see that those who sacrifice today get something in return for that sacrifice.

I can say, "Thank you." The tears I shed today may have little value in themselves, but they came from a grateful heart.

Thank you.

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