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Friday, November 27, 2009

Dryer Sheets in the Kitchen-

My daughter, Beth, claims that she has pregnant brain. Her otherwise serviceable and astute thinking capacity seems somewhat compromised during this (her fourth) pregnancy. That is why she served up pasta for herself and the kids and then forgot to turn the heat off under the boiling noodles.

Burning spaghetti is not a common thing, I should think. A LOT of water is usually involved, and that tends to preclude burning. However, pregnancy apparently can bring forth surprising talents, and so the spaghetti got burned.

I do a lot of kitchen cleaning. I do even more since retiring all of two weeks ago. I got to clean the pot. A few minutes of scrubbing proved to me that this task was onerous in the extreme. This was going to take quite a while. The pot was of too good quality to just throw out and replace. I was in a quandary. Befuddled. Not really wanting to grind on a pot for the next week.

My wife said she had heard that dryer sheets would help. You know, those little sheets of paper or whatever that many people like to put into the dryer. Makes clothing soft and eliminates static electricity.

I don’t use them, myself. I find the clothes feel, well, funny if I use them. Like they are coated with plastic. It does not feel right. Much like with shower soap. I like a man’s soap that will strip all of the oils from my skin, making me feel clean. I guess stiff and scratchy clothes also feel clean to me.

So, dryer sheet in the pot. A bit of warm water. A half day of soaking. Hot water, soap and a scrubbing pad. The crud came off of the bottom with very little effort! Wow.

Made me feel like Martha Stewart. Or maybe Rachel Ray. Hmm. Now I am feeling a bit funny, again.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Definitely Martha. Rachael doesn't do laundry.