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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Corn Starch Conundrum-

Corn starch. Unless you are unusually active in the kitchen, you only need it once in a while. When you need it, though, you need it.

For some of us it is easier to find it at the store than to remember where it was last seen in the kitchen. Little used, and not particularly large, these little packages get pushed back to those odd corners of kitchen cabinets, perhaps to never be seen again.

At least, until some member of the family has a lot more time on his hands than he once did. Organizing the pantry seemed a good idea. I have given it a great deal more order than it had, but I did come across a bit of corn starch. And some old yeast. And a lot of those potato flakes.

I do watch some cooking shows. Those well planned and well ordered kitchens are a dream. Then again, so are those lovely homes featured in so many home related magazines. Rooms that are neat, tidy, and not really lived in. Kind of like movie sets. Hey, cooking shows are done on movie sets!

For the most part I think it is not a bad thing to let the store do the organizing and storage. It really isn't that far, whether grocery store or hardware store. They can store the meat, and screws, and chard, and wood glue. I only need a little, once in a while.

They can mind the corn starch for me, as well.

1 comment:

Pam said...

This looks like my husband with nails and screws. He runs to the hardware store everytime he needs some and we have hundreds of little bags of one or two nails in them.