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Friday, December 4, 2009

Learning Curve-

I purchased a Samsung N130 Netbook computer today. I really felt ubergeek using it along side my desktop. Actually, I was just configuring the little thing while checking my reader and my email. Still, it felt pretty uber.

It felt so uber that I wrote it up. Then I came here to paste the document and found a bit of trouble. Not yet sure what, but I can't seem to paste into this document. Something more to learn.

I selected this Samsung for the price (under $300) and the size. It is small enough to take with me just about everywhere. I have the flexibility of going online in more places, and I can work on writing more often. It is far from a power house, but it is a useful tool and not particularly costly.

My desktop will probably need to be replaced in two more years. I expect to get a larger format laptop for a main computer, and this little rig will be my knock-about take anywhere machine. Until then the desktop will remain, my primarily gaming machine and general work horse.

I was tempted to get a nook book reader, but they are hard to find and this really is more useful. I may not have the free cash when a nook becomes available, but I think I can work it out when the time is right.

A Nintendo DSi was also tempting. However, I game on my desktop machine, and we have a Wii in the house. Though some DS games are tempting, I just don't really have the time. I can game quite a bit, but I do need to do a few other things.

Like write. Oh, and I do need to find a job.

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