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Monday, December 14, 2009

"I got a key!"

I was in the bathroom (always a great way to start a story) when I heard a scrabbling at the door. I live in a house with six adults, three (and sometimes four) children, four cats and an ancient dog. Scrabbling at the bathroom door is not unusual.

I opened the door. My cherubic grandson, Wyatt, was at his most cherubic. He held up a key. "I got a key!" he said. Wyatt is not given to much verbalization, so I took this at face value. I could see Wyatt. I could see the key. "I don't think that your key will work on the bathroom door." I said. He grinned and ran off.

Later Wyatt went with Mom and Grandma and his little brother Lucas. They were going to Target. I was working in the kitchen. I finished in the kitchen. I decided to go back to the bedroom where I kept my desktop computer. Oh, my laptop was in there, as well. And my phone! And here is the door, locked! I didn't have a key for this door!

Yes, I suspect Wyatt wanted to try out his key, and this was the door on which he tried. I doubt that it worked. After all, I was locked out.

No problem. I had learned a little trick some time ago. That little board to the right of the knob, against which the door closes? It can be pried loose with very little damage, if you take care. I did so. Pushing a flat knife blade in I tried to disengage the lock tongue. No luck. I tried. I tried some more. Then I quit. Time for more serious measures.

In this case it was a sheet rock saw. Yep. You can just push one of those through a hollow core door. I did. A little sawing and I had a hand sized hole. Reach in, open the lock. Now just some duct tape and it is good as new. Good as new if you really like duct tape, that is.

Now I have access to my computer, and something to blog about.

Have fun, and watch out for small boys with keys.

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