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Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Cheap Camp Cuisine-

Today it was the Safeway Garlic Rice Noodle Soup Bowl. On sale for a buck. I previously tried the Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl. They are both great. Reasonably filling, for a soup bowl. Tasty, without any overpowering flavors. The flavors have a good balance.The rice noodles have good texture and add some bulk to the meal.

The ingredients are without artificial flavors or preservatives. No long chemical names in the list.

These soups can be prepared either in the microwave or using hot water. They are light, but have some bulk due to the plastic cooking/eating bowl.

These move to the top of my list for car camping fare. They are actually a positive dining experience.

This was an unusual day, as I was on unpaid furlough for six hours at my job. The first half of my shift I had off without pay. So, I was ready for another meal before I started my half-shift of work.

(Chef Boyardee) Beefaroni was the can of choice. Many of these products are reduced to a dollar or less, and are a good bargain for the car camper. I prepared this can in the microwave, but find it heats up quickly on my single burner camp stove as well.

This stuff is not bad, but I added some Safeway Ritz-cracker knock-offs to give it some more texture and bulk. That brings things up to a buck and a quarter for this meal. I also added some Tapatio hot sauce. That made it a bit better. Not a bad meal.

I find Tapatio to be a good basic sauce. Some might prefer Tabasco sauce, since it is a bit more common and therefore familiar. This Thai hot sauce is particularly good. I recommend trying this one as a good general sauce.

So, my conclusion on the Beefaroni is that it serves as a good canned meal, but really can use a few additives to make it a real meal. Simply adding crackers and hot sauce made a big difference for me. Cheeses or some help from the spice rack might be worth the effort, as well.

Perhaps that can be a future project for Cheap Camp Cuisine. Cheeses that travel well, and the campers spice rack.

Enough for now.

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