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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Internet and Knots-

When I was a boy I went fishing. I learned from my Grandpa Laatz and my Great Uncle Buddy. They taught me many ways to cast, how to prepare bait and lures, how to select and care for my tackle, and how to tie a fishing knot.

I may have learned more than one knot. I don't recall. However, I remember one particular knot that was my "fishing knot." I used it to put hooks on the leader. I used it to tie the line to a swivel or snap swivel. Generally it was my one fishing knot, and it worked.

Most of the other knots in my life I kind of picked up. Ways to tie things down, or tie things together. Square knot, overhand knot. Several things that worked, and were probably knots, but did not have names or pedigrees.

For fishing, one knot. The "fishing knot."

Last week we went fishing on the wharf. I have not done much fishing since my youth, and I have not picked up any new knots to apply to fishing. Now that I am getting back into fishing, I think I need some new knots.

So, I search fishing knots on the Internet. I expected a few guides with various degrees of quality in illustrations. Confusing lines representing the things to be tied together and the knots tying them. I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the best sites was this one. The animated examples were fantastic. The instructions were clear. Yes, they are selling something, but that something is a practical aid to tying knots. I think I shall get some of these knot cards. Pocket guides to knot tying, suitable for glove boxes, tackle boxes and even pockets. Pretty cool.

My recent wharf fishing experiences have been quite nice. Outside, enjoying the weather and spectacular views. People to watch, or not watch. Free fish, or at least nearly free. This kind of fishing does not demand much in the way of tackle, and losing expensive lures is not a real issue. If I keep some of any given catch to use as bait, there is not even any cost in feeding the fish.

Hey, I am habitually frugal. I like keeping the cost down on the things I do.

So, I need to learn a few nice knots, and improve my fishing rigs. Experiment with baits, hooks, and whatever other variables I think might improve the fishing. As long as I can maintain a lot of sitting and just enjoying being there.

The Internet, and knots. Cool.

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