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Monday, June 29, 2009

Unpaid Furlough-

I have thus far lost twelve hours of pay due to the furlough program our county is using to meet the current economic crisis. The current economic crisis largely caused by pirates in suits raking in billions of dollars.

The furlough is a period of time, six hours per pay period in my case, where time is taken off from work without pay.

Oh, the bubble was due to burst. The pirates worked within the letter of the law, for the most part. However, pirates they are. For their piracy many of us are paying a price. Most of the pirates not only remain free, but have huge piles of money as well.

I will lose many more hours of pay to the furlough program. I recognize that I am more fortunate than others, who have lost much more. Though that is true, it does not really mitigate my negative feelings. I am taking a loss for something done by someone else for their own gain.


These dogs are distant, and relatively untouchable. Few, if any, will suffer for their crimes. That just adds fuel to my anger. It would be more satisfying if they were identified, and we could ostracize them. That is hard for me to do, since I exist at a considerable physical and social distance from these creatures.

So, again I am in the position of having to forgive these scurvy knaves. I am in no position to harm them, directly or indirectly. Somehow I sense that were I in such a position I would end up paying the full consequences of any actions.

I must forgive them. I am weary of having to forgive fools and criminals who adversely affect my life. It is a considerable effort. A worthwhile effort, but it is not an easy task.

Fine. I forgive the bastards. May they rot in Hell.


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