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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rooting for Route 66-

Last Friday my son Jon and a friend took off on an adventure. They were driving straight to Chicago on Interstate 80 with plans to return via Historic Route 66. That journey is a road tripper's dream! They were doing it on a shoestring, but they were on their way.

I came home Friday evening to the news that they had gotten half way across Nevada when Jon nodded off and rolled onto the shoulder. He awoke and tried to recover only to discover a truck occupying the lane. Unable to return to the roadway his vehicle rolled and was destroyed.

Fortunately he and his friend were just shaken up. A citizen stopped to assist, and by good fortune was a physician. They got a check up right at the scene of the accident!

Jon said that the Highway Patrol officer was courteous and friendly. They and the car eventually found themselves in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Not quite the glorious adventure they had planned. My Daughter Beth and her husband Dave hit the road to rescue them, funded by my Mother-in-law Alta.

Everyone returned last night, minus one car. Jon now knows his safe driving range, but at quite a cost. He really liked his little car. It is fortunate that we actually have a spare car for him to use. It is too small for him, he being quite tall. However, it will do until a replacement vehicle can be purchased.

Then he can try the adventure again. Until then we can all keep rooting for Route 66.

1 comment:

La, Storyteller/Storysinger said...

I'm happy to hear that your son and his friend are okay and yep they were sooo lucky.

Hopefully they will get a chance to try that trip again.

Driving route 66 is one of my dream trips and I hope to get a chance to drive it someday.