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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highway 395-

After many years of staying home, working overtime, doing extra jobs, and generally working all of the time, I am feeling a very strong desire to satisfy my wanderlust. I want to go places and see things. I want desert vistas, great mountains passes, vast forests, and most of all I want the road.

I have several roads on my list. Highway 1, from as far north as I can find it all the way to the southern end of that highway. Highway 49, the highway through the California Gold country. Tonight I spent some time looking at highway 395.

It would be a grand journey. A slow journey from the deserts of Southern California to the border between Canada and the state of Washington. I looked at it in Google Earth. I hunger for the real thing.

How to make the journey? Would it be a solo journey, just me and my truck? Mostly camping, in that case. Or motel "camping" with my wife, Linda? She does not seem to get excited about such journeys when I mention my dreams of travel. Getting away is difficult, with our many responsibilities. Because they are just dreams, perhaps she just can't embrace them.

I don't know. I just know that the urge to hit the road grows in me. Whether lavish or bare-boned, I want to travel.

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