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Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas and retirement planning-

We spent nine days in San Antonio, visiting my daughter Beth, her husband Dave, and the grandkids Madelyn, Wyatt and Lucas. We had the joy of them all living with us for several years, and as a grandpa I found having my little ones around delightful (most of the time.) I really missed them when they left, but their decision was a good economic choice.

With my retirement on the horizon I had given thought to moving to San Antonio. It is a nice place, we would come out way ahead as far as money gained from the sale of a California house (even in this depressed economic time,) and we would be near the kids.

My fellow workers often contemplate retirement, and talk about it a great deal. One warned about following your kids. His point was that the life goals of a retiree and those of a young and growing family are not the same. They will likely move on, and a retiree cannot often afford to do so repeatedly.

A wise consideration. As I talked with Beth, she mentioned that Dave was doing well in his company, and that a few career related moves were likely. This gave me pause, for I was quite enamored with the economic benefits of retiring in Texas. However, with the kids off to someplace else one of the greatest benefits would be lost.

I still would like to find a way to eliminate the house payment and cut costs in anticipation of retirement.

My next career is not a solid thing. I have much to learn if I wish to do web development. Professional writing is not an easy thing to just start up, and I still have not published my book.

Much to think about.

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