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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Cloth Castle II-

Well, I am not quite sure what happened there, but my picture did not show up. Oh, there it is. I may yet get the hang of this. It is a picture of my Cloth Castle, mounted on the back of my 1997 Ford Ranger pick up truck.
We had some rain the other night. It was the first test of my tent in such weather. No water inside. I took extra time to set it up this time, being sure the tent wrapped around the bed of the pick up and left no room for water to enter.
Yesterday I slept great. I had to replace my original sleeping bag, as my first selection did not hold up. That one was a cheap semi-mummy bag, and it was too small. It was starting to pull apart, so I exchanged it for a large format rectangular bag. I got one cheap, since it is an ugly orange color. The upside to the color is that it would serve very nicely as a distress beacon.
I am finding the tent quite comfortable. I really would like to take it out on the road. The basic sleeping space is sufficient already, but otherwise I need some more gear. I need cooking gear, and I need a cooler. I also need some storage options for the bed of the truck that will keep my stuff safe. Just chucking tents and such in the back of the truck begs for theft.
A bit at a time I am getting things together. I have been getting things done on the truck to keep it road-worthy. Oil change, new filters. I will need to do brakes in a few months. I just got new tires all around.
It is a hearty little beast, and I will probably be driving it for a long time.
Click the link below for a little clearer picture.

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