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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have written about small houses, and about full-time RV living. These are lifestyles using very little space. I like the simplicity of such living, even though I have not been able to adopt that way of living for myself. I own a house, and share that house with family members who rather like the space and all of the stuff that collects in such space.

Today we went to Ikea. This particular store is in Palo Alto, California. It was a rather nice outing. My wife had in mind getting some items to help her build a sewing center. It was fun looking around at the various displays.

I rather like the Ikea system of furnishing. Most is inexpensive, and suitable for small-space living. Most of the display areas were quite small, and very well turned-out. I could easily see Ikea used to equip and furnish a "smaller is better" living environment.

We also dined at Ikea. It was rather fun. I got a salmon plate consisting of thinly sliced smoked salmon, lettuce, and a very nice mustard sauce that enhanced both the salmon and the lettuce. We also got an open-faced shrimp sandwich which was dressed with sliced hard-boiled egg, some Swedish Meat-Balls (of course) and some little ham and cheese sandwiches. We all shared these dainties, and had an excellent meal.

My inclination to follow Travel Channel food-and-travel shows has encouraged me to be more adventurous in eating, so this was a lot of fun.

We finished our adventure picking up a bunch of little items that are so nicely priced. I got a spring-sealed jar to use for some pickling I hope to do. There are a lot of pickled vegetable recipes in The Barbecue! Bible, and I want to try some. Now I have a suitable jar for the venture.

We collected the items my wife wanted for building the sewing center, and trundled out to the car. We drive a PT Cruiser, which is small yet versatile. I had to reconfigure the seats, but we got all of the stuff into the car along with three adults.

Since Krispy Kreme doughnuts was on the way home, we stopped by to buy. It is a rare opportunity, so we indulged. Then, on home.

Tomorrow is assembly day. It will have to go quickly, since I must again make my way to the south part of the county for my week of work. Too bad my daughter Beth is now in Texas. She is a whiz at building Ikea. Oh, well. I will have to do.

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Robyn said...

Thanks for stopping by! I just love seeing you there! I love IKEA and I am glad you had a great time there too!