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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Cheap Cuisine entry-

Today it was Chow Nissin Original Pasta Tomato & Basil. This product has a few steps, and takes six minutes to cook in the microwave. It is microwave only, so this does not qualify for camp cuisine.

Too bad. I like it. For a dollar meal it has good flavor and it is quite satisfying. The dried tomatoes had a good flavor, and were not lost in the noodles and sauce.

These pack light, so they are not a bad choice for my present application. However, preparation does need a microwave. Coleman still does not have a camp microwave, at least not yet.

They have almost everything else.

So, for cheap this meal rates well. For flavor, I give it a high grade. As for campability, it fails only due to the impracticality of taking a microwave camping.

Oh, wait. Look here. I feel so behind the times! >.<

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