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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Childhood Dreams-

OK. The Last Lecture has me on the subject, so I will think on this. I shall write as I think.

As I said in the last post, I don't recall my childhood dreams. Randy Pausch was able to list a number of childhood dreams in his lecture to illustrate what he was talking about.

I don't have a list. Not yet.

I really only recall one dream. I remember that in the days before I learned to read my father said to me, "Everything you may want to know can be found in books." A simple statement, probably intended to encourage me to learn to read. It worked. By the end of the first grade (they didn't teach reading in Kindergarten in those days) I was reading at a third grade level. By the end of the fourth grade I was reading at an eighth grade level. I was voracious. I still am.

What was my dream? I wanted to know everything. Unfortunately, I was too young to realize that I was setting myself up for disappointment. Sadly, I just would not have time to learn everything.

I have learned a lot, but I haven't quite mastered everything. I just don't think I am going to achieve that.

I did learn magic. I have been a clown. I don't know if I ever had a childhood dream about that, but I achieved those things. I must have dreamed about it at some point. Learning magic and being a clown were just too satisfying to have been less than a dream.

I have traveled a bit, and long to do so again. Childhood dreams? I don't know. I have always been fascinated with horizons, and what may be on the other side. Perhaps so.

I am writing, again. Thanks to the bloggosphere I can at least imagine my works are getting out there and being read. By the way, do leave comments as you travel the bloggosphere. It encourages the writers when there is evidence they are being read. And wander around a bit. There are some interesting people doing interesting things out there.

Did I ever dream of writing? I don't know. I think I have always done so. It is so easy with the current technology, it has become like breathing. Perhaps so.

As to publishing, that is not so interesting. Oh, I want to publish the novel I have written, but the process is not nearly as interesting as the writing. I need to do something, however. The sequel is expanding and I will have to start writing it before it ruptures my brain.

Story telling. I am growing hungry for mastering the art. I don't even know if I can tell a story. I can write one, probably at the drop of a hat. To tell one, to really tell one, may be something altogether different.

Childhood dreams? I am not sure. But I am seeing something growing even as I write. A traveling writer and story teller. Perhaps using costumes and magic. Hmmm.

My wife wouldn't particularly like that life. Then again, it is not her dream.

Which brings up that subject. What does she dream about? Suddenly I long to find out.

I don't know if I got wherever I thought I was going, but I like the path this blog has taken. I have some things to think about.

Things to dream about.

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