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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Cheap Cuisine-

This week it was another trip to Safeway. I got some more Imported from Thailand Rice Noodle Soup bowls. At about a buck each these are a fabulous bargain. Flavor, texture, ease of preparation and very cheap.

One of these is almost a meal. What to add? That I considered on my cheap shopping spree. The Dollar Tree had something to add. Monet Vegetable Entertainer Crackers. I had little hope for these when I bought them, but I am committed to mastering Cheap Cuisine. I was surprised.

These crackers are crisp, flavorful, and of course they are cheap. I consumed about a quarters worth along with my soup. Quite tasty. The flavor complemented the soup, the crispness was welcome as a contrast to the largely liquid nature of soup, and the bulk helped round out the soup as a meal.

These crackers beg for a dip or some cheese. I look forward to sampling them with some of my other cheap meals. I really think that they will be a regular part of my camp larder, so long as the Dollar Tree has them in stock.

That is one of the quirks of the Dollar Tree franchise. Not every item you find there will you necessarily find on a subsequent visit. Many, perhaps most, will be there time and again. However, it is never a sure thing. Sure enough to demand repeated visits. The bargains are too good to miss. Just don't depend on the Dollar Tree in particulars.

So far these are the best crackers I have found for a buck.

Stay tuned for more Cheap Cuisine.

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