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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Trash Nazi and the Empress of Costco-

We all bump into each other, often in a professional capacity. It was in her professional capacity that I bumped into The Trash Nazi.

The title appears to be a pejorative, and perhaps it is. Still, I respect the Trash Nazi. She works at the kiosk at our waste transfer station. She takes her ignoble task seriously. She measures the loads, demanding conformity with regard to rules and regulations. She charges the full price for loads, and insists on things being done properly.

Others who have worked the kiosk are less serious about the task. It is a rather lowly task, in the scope of all the things people do for a living. It is certainly not a romantic position. As a consequence some perform the task with less attention to detail.

They don't measure loads. The set a price that is close to, but not quite, the full price that is charged by their more diligent peer. So what if you are an inch or two over the fifteen dollar load level? Fifteen bucks! What the heck.

Not so with the Trash Nazi. No. If it is anything more than a fifteen dollar load the price jumps to the next level. Eighteen dollars is her call, and not a penny less!

I rather like the lady. To stand in the kiosk of a county dump and hold to high standards takes a woman of character! This lady is worthy of respect!

I met another such woman about a month back. Floor supervisor at the Costco in Sand City, California. We were there for flooring. We got half of our purchase in our little truck, and could fit no more. We called in a back-up truck, but it would be a while in getting there.

No problem. Let them know when the truck arrived. So, I did.

Her crew was at lunch. I would have to wait. She was polite, but firm. Some such people would have demanded that their crew break from lunch and serve the customer. Many customers would have expected that.

She insisted I wait until they finished their break. I have been a working guy for over thirty years. I know how important breaks can be. I agreed to wait, and respected her for respecting her crew. She was knowledgeable, pleasant, yet firm. Quite admirable.

Trash Nazi. The Empress of Costco. Two real women.

It's all about respect.

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