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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Travel plans-

I had intended to have collected California Highway 9 and perhaps California Highway 35 by this time of the year. However, an ongoing home renovation and small things like a world-wide downturn in the economy seem to have gotten in the way.

Today we returned some items to Costco. We purchased more bamboo flooring than we needed. Our local Costco is near to the southern end of Highway 9. So, since I was already at the beginning of Highway 9 I took that highway home. We live in Felton, a small town just a bit north and east of Santa Cruz. I drove that small section, keeping in mind how I might collect images of the highway.

Since taking still photos while driving is both dangerous and unsatisfactory with regard to the quality of photographs and the prospects of survival, I have to eliminate that method. In viewing this small section of road I realized I would probably make twenty or more stops just in this small section of just a few miles. Collecting highways in this manner would take quite a bit of time.

Probably more advantageous would be a video camera. Mounted properly such a camera could collect the whole driving experience. It could also be removed from whatever mounting is used to hold the camera during travel. Then hand held collecting could take place. Stops at attractions and points of interest, things like that.

I would really like to have something head mounted, as well. Wherever I look the camera looks. This video would not be particularly appealing except as accent pieces edited into the main video. Such additional video could, with discrete use, add some interest to the overall production.

Of course, the same economic factors that have prevented collecting anything of these small highways will also impact the purchase of a quality video camera. It might well move back the project to sometime after Hell freezes over.

Perhaps quite a while after Hell freezes over. I suspect I have a number of debts that will be due following that event.

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