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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty Good Weekend-

This was one of my four day weekends. Though I am weary of my job, I do appreciate the abundant time off it affords. In the past I sold a lot of that time as overtime. I do miss the money, but I prefer the time off.

I had some nice times with the grandkids. Just sitting in the back yard as they play is a pleasure for me. I try to do so every week. They also like to hang out with me when I play video games. They only watch for a little while, but they always seem excited to see me playing. None are quite ready for multi player games, as yet. Soon, but not yet.

World of Warcraft continues to satisfy, even though I have not been able to play as much as I like. We are still doing renovations, and that has taken priority over the gaming. Mostly.

I started a Death Knight this week. Frengie, the female Gnome Death Knight. A plague of cuteness! She really is a contradiction, and funny as well as fun to play. I have not grown weary of playing Nehai, my primary character. However, I thought a Death Knight would be fun, and following that sense of fun I finally got one started.

Linda and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this weekend, as well. I enjoyed the movie, and really look forward to the completion of the set of films. Then I can watch them in series in a great marathon! What an experience that will be!

Continuing the renovations Linda and I went to Ikea on Saturday. Boo loaned her the money to get the needed shelves, since Ikea had them at half price for one day. We were going to have to wait a bit, due to lack of funds, so this loan was a great thing. We got it done and at half the cost.

Linda put up my books while I was setting up camp here at work. They take up a lot of space. I really need to thin them out. I am not really using many of them, and they take up space that could be better used. Plus, others could get some use out of my books. I don't know, maybe I could even sell some.

While setting up camp one of my tent poles broke. I have become rather good at repairing them, and had it fixed up in twenty minutes. I keep a collection of parts to aid in repairs, as they can't be expected to last forever. I also replaced my air bed, yet again. This is the fourth Northwest Territories air bed, all replaced under warranty. Not a great product, but I get six weeks to two months out of each on my $20 investment. Not so bad, I suppose.

Now I am back at work, and looking at my weekend I have to say it was pretty good.

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willow said...

Sadly, there's no Ikea in my neck of the woods.

I liked your comment regarding tomatoes. We truly are poor when it comes to the vine ripened ones!