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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Ho, The Internet!

I have read on some writing and publishing sites concern about the coming state of written communication in the future following the advent of the Internet. The checks and balances of the existing publication system are absent from the Internet. Anyone with a computer can publish.

Much like I am doing now.

In this Wild West of the Internet who knows what can happen? Good opinions shall mingle with bad, and probably be overwhelmed and little heard.

With my small readership I don't anticipating swamping the world with my particular words.

Recently on some blogs I follow similar opinions have been expressed. Ranters and self-promoters shall flood the bandwidth and drown out reasoned discourse and more worthy prose.

Perhaps. Many of the more successful (as in readership) blogs I have seen are tasteful blogs associated with arts and crafts. Granted, urban chic bloggers with lots of nude or semi-nude photos will grab the greater spotlight, but some of these humble sites are exceptionally well done and have readerships in the hundreds. A few in the thousands.

Hey, the Internet may well be the Information Super Highway and the path to the Big Time for some. For most of us it is our back fence or front porch. We hang out with the neighbors (all over the world) and chat a bit. Maybe it is our Student Union, or corner bar. BYOB.

We gather from our separate places. We exchange ideas. We solve the world's problems, and create new ones. We get down and get human together.

Sure, it's different. Yet it is much the same.

I'm OK with that.

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