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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't wear jewelry. I never really have. Which leaves me confused as to my fascination with hunting for gold.

I have done a little panning. It is fun, but I haven't returned to the hobby for quite some time. At present I am fascinated by the use of metal detectors to find the precious metal.

Not long ago I saw a show on television on gold hunting. Indeed, all of the treasure hunting shows are interesting to me. Stones and metals. However, the gold hunting seems the most interesting.

Metal detectors. I looked into it. The guy on the one show I watched has classes. He teaches gold hunting, and his students are successful. I looked at his web site. His classes come free with the purchase of a metal detector from his shop.

Nearly $5,000. Even with the training, that seemed a bit steep to me. Especially since one of his best students has accumulated not even enough gold to pay for the machine.

So I looked some more. Prices dropped, but were still steep. More searching.

Radio Shack. $89. That seemed more like it.

As I thought about it, I decided that it might not be the hobby for me. Still, at that low price I could at least get a very basic tool.

Who knows? I might get lucky.

1 comment:

Chase March said...

I've seen people scanning the local park with metal detectors. I usually try to watch them for a minute or two if I can. I always wonder if their efforts ever produce anything significant.

I think it might be more like the lottery. Rare and hard to win.